Ravi Prasad, PhDStanford University School of Medicine

Ravi Prasad is a licensed psychologist and is currently a clinical associate professor in the Division of Pain Medicine at Stanford University. His clinical work focuses primarily on evaluation and treatment of individuals suffering from chronic pain conditions in both the inpatient and outpatient settings. He is the program director of the Stanford Comprehensive Interdisciplinary Pain Program (SCIPP), one of the few academic inpatient pain programs in the United States. He developed a Pain Psychology Postdoctoral Fellowship Program that is presently fully accredited by the American Psychological Association and is the previous Chief of Psychological Services for the Stanford Division of Pain Medicine. Outside of the arena of pain, Dr. Prasad takes an active role in wellness initiatives. He is a member of the Stanford Center for Physician Wellness and Professional Fulfillment and co-director of Peer Support and Resiliency in Medicine (PRIME), the Anesthesia Resident Wellness Program.