Opening Session and Award Presentation (101) Featured

Plan your trip in time to arrive in Vancouver for the Opening Session on Thursday evening. Kimberly George will present an important talk examining healthcare reimbursement issues from a payer’s perspective.

The Robert G. Addison Award will be presented to Xue-Jun Song, MD PhD.

Stakeholder Collaboration in Moving Pain Management Forward: A Payer’s Perspective

Kimberly George, RN

Kimberly George, SVP at Sedgwick Claims, will examine healthcare reimbursement issues, such as prior authorizations, that are commonly seen as barriers by clinicians. Ms. George will guide meeting attendees through novel payer initiatives including development of top-tiered outcomes-based referral networks and other initiatives to improve patient outcomes and support evidence-based quality care. These collaborative partnerships between payer and clinician can help in the quest to better manage high impact chronic pain in an ever-changing healthcare market.