Brain Imaging of Chronic Pain, Research Findings and Guidelines for Medicolegal Applications (202)

11 am–12 pm Friday, April 27

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This session will discuss brain imaging technologies to study chronic pain, along with nerve and brain nerve abnormalities in chronic pain conditions, treatment effects, and pre-treatment outcome indicators. In addition, faculty will discuss IASP task force findings of the technical and neuroethical issues of using brain imaging to diagnose and prognosticate treatment outcomes.

Abnormalities of the Dynamic Pain Connectome in Chronic Pain: Can Neuroimaging Be Used to Predict Pain and Treatment Outcomes?

Karen D. Davis, PhD

Brain Functional and Anatomical Reorganization in the Management of Chronic Pain

Marwan N. Baliki, PhD

Learning Objectives:

  • Review the multidimensional and plasticity of the dynamic pain connectome (brain circuitry underlying pain).
  • Review the contribution of individual factors to the dynamic pain connectome in chronic pain patients.
  • Review the IASP task force recommendations of the use of brain imaging for pain diagnostics and prognostics.
  • Examine how neuroimaging techniques might aid clinicians in designing more efficacious strategies for pain treatment and rehabilitation.