Visceral Pain: It Takes a Village: A Medical, Surgical, Behavioral Medicine, and Patient Team–Based Approach (309)

2:15–3:15 pm Saturday, April 28

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As understanding of pathogenesis of visceral pain improves, there is increasing evidence of alterations in brain-gut interactions resulting in exacerbation of inflammation and motility issues. This session explores how management is shifting from single provider pain management to interdisciplinary approaches, including psychology and enhance recovery after surgery (ERAS) when surgery is necessary.

Managing Acute and High-Impact Chronic Visceral Pain: Helping Take the Flame Out of IBD

Judith Scheman, PhD

Enhanced Recovery After Colorectal Surgery: Fewer Opioids, Faster Recovery, Happier Patients

Tracy Hull, MD

Paradigm Shift in the Management of Visceral Pain: From Gastroenterologist to Surgeon to Psychologist

Linda Nguyen, MD

Learning Objectives:

  • Explain the current understanding of the pathogenesis of visceral pain.
  • Describe management options for visceral pain.
  • Examine strategies for patient pain management around the time of surgery.