Cancer/Palliative Care Track—Curing Cancer May Hurt: Updates and Strategies for Managing Treatment-Related Cancer Pain (401)

8–9 am Sunday, April 29

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Evolving cancer treatment options include the newer perioperative protocols, radiation therapies, and chemo and immunotherapies, each resulting in pain syndromes that vary from the common expected symptom burdens from traditional treatments. This case-based, interactive session will expand learners’ understanding of some of the newer cancer treatment options and some of the pain sequelae of those treatments; and recommend approaches that can help those patients.

Advances in Radiation Treatments and Resultant Pain Syndromes in the Oncologic Population

Vinay Puttanniah, MD

Advances in Oncologic Surgical Pain Treatments: ERAS Protocols and Chronic Surgical Pain Syndromes

Thomas Van de Ven, MD PhD

Emerging Pain Syndromes and Treatment Options for Newer Chemo- and Immunotherapies

Amitabh Gulati, MD

Learning Objectives:

  • Examine newer forms of radiation therapy (variations on conventional XRT and newer uses of proton beam) and expected pain syndromes associated with them with potential treatment options.
  • Examine newer chemotherapeutics and immunotherapies which are becoming commonplace, and resultant pain syndromes.
  • Discuss the impact of ERAS protocols and advances in post-surgical pain management which will improve practice delivery of patient care.