Walking the Line in Pain and the Law: Organized Medicine, Pain Physicians, and AAPM’s Work to Support Providers and Patients (312)

3:30-4:30 pm Saturday, April 28

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How do the regulatory and legal system risk infringing upon the very practice of medicine? This session will discuss how broad-based legislation in a “one size fits all” capacity impacts individualized and personalized practice—and how this approach has changed physician practice even when opioids aren’t part of the picture.

One Physician’s Story

Lynn R. Webster, MD

AAPM and the AMA: Organized Medicine’s Response to Protect Physicians and Patients

Robert E. Wailes, MD

How the State of Washington Applies the Law: The Frank Li Case. How Does This Apply to Me?

Micah T. Matthews, MPA CPM

Learning Objectives:

  • Review reasons why prosecutors will bring charges against a physician.
  • Examine processes that will mitigate the possibility of prosecution.
  • Discuss the steps a clinician should take if they are being investigated.