Geralyn Datz, PhDSouthern Behavioral Medicine Associates

Geralyn Datz is a licensed clinical health psychologist. She completed a Residency and Fellowship in Behavioral Medicine and has worked in the area of pain education and treatment for the past 15 years. Dr. Datz is currently the Clinical Director of a multidisciplinary behavioral medicine practice, which also hosts a 20 day functional restoration program for chronic pain recovery. She have authored scientific articles and book chapters on the topics of chronic pain, mental health, cognitive behavioral therapy, health psychology, and the mind-body connection. Dr. Datz is a nationally recognized speaker and educator on topics related to the assessment and treatment of patients with chronic pain, as well as return to work and evidence based mental health interventions, including CBT. She has given over 100 presentations to legal, medical and industry related audiences in the past five years. Dr. Datz is an immediate Past President of Southern Pain Society, a non-profit educational association representing 18 Southern states and Puerto Rico. She has been active on the Board of the Southern Pain Society for 12 years. Dr. Datz has served on AAPM programming committee and has been an AAPM attendee since 2006.


Interdisciplinary/Multidisciplinary Pain-Based Care (001)

Hattiesburg, MS