Announcing the New Interdisciplinary Preconference Event

Developed in collaboration with the AAPM Interdisciplinary Pain Medicine Shared Interest Group Lead by Co-Chairs James W. Atchison, DO and Ravi Prasad, PhD the Interdisciplinary/Multidisciplinary Pain-Based Care AAPM 2018 Annual Meeting Pre-Conference Program takes place, Thursday, April 26 from 7:30 am-4:45 pm.

This preconference has been expanded to provide a broad stakeholder examination of multi- and inter-disciplinary pain management programs. Participants will be highly engaged throughout the day, rotating through active workshop breakout sessions and participating in didactic lectures and panel discussions that have been designed to incorporate attendee ideas and experiences.

“It is hoped that participants will develop an understanding of the role of interdisciplinary care in pain management, awareness of the specific roles that other disciplines play in managing pain, and obstacles to implementing interdisciplinary care and potential pathways to address them and use this knowledge to help increase access to interdisciplinary care for those living with pain in their communities,” says course co-director Ravi Prasad, PhD.

The preconference will open with an introduction from AAPM President Dr. Stanos, and continue with lectures on the Current State of Interdisciplinary Treatment Programs, philosophy and benefits of interdisciplinary pain management, and Medication Optimization among other topics.

Expert faculty will provide guidance on developing treatment teams, available outcomes tools, incorporating opioid reductions into practice, and assessing patients in order to determine appropriate candidates for this type of care. Attendees will then rotate through four small group breakout sessions featuring hands-on training in clinical psychology, biofeedback, and physical and occupational therapy with leaders in the field.

The program will conclude with an Interactive Pain Programs Fair where attendees sign up for a “table” where they can display an overview of their own programs. Registrants will give a 2-3 min description of their program then be approached to represent their local programs for all attendees by a facilitator.

View the full program and register now