Neuropathic Pain Pharmacologic Management: Maximizing Success with Available Agents and Emerging Therapies (411) Featured

11 am–Noon Sunday, March 10

Efficacy is often limited with currently available neuropathic pain adjuvants. This session will focus on mitigating the failure of currently available pharmacologic agents, recognizing the limitation of current neuropathic pain algorithms, understanding the role of pharmacogenomics in neuropathic pain treatment choice, and the status of novel agents in development.

Mitigating Neuropathic Pain Pharmacologic Failures

James C. Watson, MD

Emerging Therapies in the Treatment of Neuropathic Pain

Charles E. Argoff, MD

Learning Objectives:

  • Identify common reasons patients fail first line neuropathic pain adjuvants and practical approaches to maximize the chance of success with currently available agents.
  • Examine the limitations of evidence based neuropathic pharmacologic treatment algorithms.
  • Identify where novel or re-emerging treatments fit within current evidence based treatment algorithms.
  • Analyze how advances in pharmacogenomics may influence neuropathic pain pharmacologic treatment choices currently and in the future.