New Safety Considerations for Interventional Pain: Anticoagulation Management, Early Adverse Events, Long-Term Complications (406)

9:45–10:45 am Sunday, March 10

New evidence has come to light regarding best safety practices during interventional pain procedures. This session highlights the most current high quality literature that investigates safety considerations related to anticoagulation management during interventional pain procedures, adverse event risk mitigation during epidural steroid injections, and preventing long-term disc degeneration following lumbar provocation discography.

The Risks and Benefits of Ceasing Versus Maintaining Anticoagulation Medications During Interventional Pain Procedures

Byron Schneider, MD

Immediate and Early Adverse Events of Epidural Steroid Injections: What Does the Most Rigorous Evidence Teach Us?

David J. Kennedy, MD

What Are the Long-Term Risks of Lumbar Provocation Discography? Emergence of New Data

Zachary McCormick, MD

Learning Objectives:

  • Analyze the body of literature and best evidence regarding anticoagulation management during interventional pain procedures.
  • Define the adverse event rates in the immediate and early post-procedure time period following epidural steroid injection according to clinical practice guidelines and how to mitigate these risks.
  • Interpret new data that addresses the longterm effects of lumbar provocation discography performed according to modern techniques not used in prior studies.