Interventional Spine Procedures: Adverse Events, Long-Term Complications, and Management of Anticoagulation Medications (402) Featured

8:30–9:30 am Sunday, March 10

The safety of interventional spine procedures: adverse events of spine injections, long-term complications of discography, and risks and benefits of stopping of continuing anticoagulation medications.

Managing Anticoagulation Medications During Spine Procedures

Byron Schneider, MD

Immediate and Delayed Adverse Events of Epidural Steroid Injections

David J. Kennedy, MD

Long-Term Outcomes of Lumbar Intervertebral Discography

Zachary McCormick, MD

Learning Objectives:

  • Quantify the most common complications of interventional spine procedures.
  • Discuss the most up to date information regarding long term outcomes following discography.
  • Discuss the risk and benefits of maintaining versus ceasing anticoagulation medications for spine interventions.