Practical Manual Medicine Techniques to Use in the Office for Cervicogenic Headache and Sacroiliac Pain (401)

8:30–9:30 am Sunday, March 10

This will be a session to discuss and practice some physical and structural examination as well as muscle energy manual medicine treatment techniques for the sacral and cervical regions, as well as myofascial and the counter strain techniques for the cervical region. It will include some hands-on components that will allow a participant to feel comfortable trying these techniques on a patient or making better decisions for referral.

Indirect Manual Medicine Techniques in Cervical Spine by Myofascial Release and Counterstrain

James W. Atchison, DO

Muscle Energy Techniques for SacroIliac Joint Dysfunction

Arthur Kalman

Muscle Energy Treatment of Upper Cervical Spine for Headaches

Ben Marshall, DO

Learning Objectives:

  • Use hands-on palpatory skills to identify key muscle and bone landmarks in the cervical and sacral region, and assess alignment and movement patterns.
  • Describe and apply muscle energy (ME) treatment principles for somatic dysfunction in the cervical and sacroiliac regions.
  • Discuss the potential benefits and risks of manual treatments in the cervical and sacral regions, and refer her appropriately for treatment when indicated.