Multidisciplinary Care Leading to Contemporary Strategies for Intrathecal Drug Delivery (314)

3:30–4:30 Saturday, March 9

This session highlights management strategies for patients receiving multidisciplinary care with a targeted drug delivery system.

Multidisciplinary Care with Oral Analgesics Can Lead to Intrathecal Therapy: Selected Adverse Effects and Efficacy

Michael S. Leong, MD

Intrathecal Drug Delivery: Is Bolus Administration Better Than Continuous?

Jason E. Pope, MD

Cost Effectiveness of Targeted Drug Delivery

Robert Bolash, MD

Learning Objectives:

  • Present the current best practice intrathecal treatments.
  • Demonstrate cost-effectiveness data about intrathecal therapy compared with conservative multidisciplinary care.
  • Select optimal patients for intrathecal therapy and adjust dosages, including tapering off intrathecal medications.