It Takes a Village to Raze a Headache: Interdisciplinary Management of Primary Headaches (312) Featured

Migraine headache can be challenging to manage due to its presentation as a chronic condition with acute episodes. Optimal management of migraines requires an interdisciplinary approach that addresses the wide range of biopsychosocial factors that play a role in its onset and maintenance. Through representative case presentations, this course will illustrate best practices for comprehensive care of patients with difficult to manage headaches.

Psychological Approaches to Headache Management

Ravi Prasad, PhD

Medical Approaches to Headache Management

Robert Cowan, MD

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the acute and chronic components of migraine headache.
  • Understand the medical treatment interventions used to treat migraine headache.
  • Understand the psychological treatment interventions used to treat migraine headache.