Updates in Pain Medicine Ultrasonography: Evidence-Base, Safety, and Emerging Applications (208)

1:45–2:45 pm Friday, March 8

An overview of the evidence-base for ultrasound-guided pain procedures compared to other imaging modalities. The diagnostic utility of sonography, approach to incidental findings, and point-of-care assessments for procedure complications will be presented. Emerging applications including peripheral nerve stimulation, regenerative medicine, and percutaneous needle tenotomy will be discussed.

State of the Evidence Base: Ultrasound-Guidance in Pain Procedures

Jennifer Hah, MD MS

Diagnostic Ultrasonography in Pain Medicine, Incidental Findings, and Point-of Care Assessment

Amitabh Gulati, MD

Innovations in Ultrasound Therapeutics and Emerging Applications

Einar Ottestad, MD FIPP CIPS

Learning Objectives:

  • Identify the evidence based benefits of choosing ultrasound-guidance compared to other imaging modalities in terms of comparable efficacy, safety, and treatment setting.
  • Demonstrate knowledge regarding the diagnostic utility of pain medicine sonography for specific clinical conditions, approach to incidental findings, and use of point-of-care assessments during procedures.
  • Recognize emerging applications of pain medicine sonography spanning peripheral nerve stimulation, regenerative medicine, cryotherapy, radiofrequency, and percutaneous needle tenotomy.