Indications and Outcomes of Surgical Treatment of Back Pain: Getting the Right Patient to the Right Provider(s) (206)

1:45–2:45 pm Friday, March 8

A spine surgeon, an interventional pain specialist, and a pain psychologist will discuss factors that contribute to the most efficacious treatment of back pain. Utilizing team based approaches they will present case based scenarios to delineate plans for successful treatment, including cross discipline collaboration to ensure optimal outcomes.

Treating Back Pain Is a Team Sport

Judith Scheman, PhD

To Cut or Not to Cut: That Is the Question

Edward Benzel, MD

Who to Needle, Block, Pump, or Stimulate: The Right Patient for the Right Intervention

Jijun Xu, MD PhD

Learning Objectives:

  • Identify the psychosocial factors most likely to influence the success of surgery or other pain interventions.
  • Formulate a treatment plan most likely to help the patient as well as how to present that plan to the patient.