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Ultrasound-Guided Acute and Chronic Pain Medicine Interventions Preconference (002) Featured

8 am–3:30 pm Thursday, March 7

The field of pain medicine ultrasonography is rapidly evolving with new applications for acute and chronic pain that can be rapidly applied to clinical practice. Ultrasound guidance offers the potential benefits of accuracy, portability, direct visualization of vasculature and decreased radiation exposure. With improving technology, emerging applications continue to evolve for pain medicine sonography.

This program provides an overview of the advantages and limitations of ultrasound guidance in the practice of pain medicine and provides hands-on applications for the ultrasound novice. The advantages and disadvantages of ultrasound and fluoroscopy also will be discussed. Attendees will practice real-time techniques for common ultrasound procedures and will review the available literature regarding feasibility, safety and outcomes.

Attendees will rotate through live model hands-on stations with a low faculty-to-learner ratios covering treatments listed below. A limited number of reduced-price registrations will be offered for trainees currently enrolled in fellowship programs.


Head and Neck

Including third occipital nerve, cervical medial branch, cervical facet joint, TMJ, cervical selective nerve root block, stellate ganglion, occipital nerve, V2/V3, and US guidance for nerve ablation

Ming-Chi Kao, MD PhD
David A. Edwards, MD PhD

Lumbar Spine, Sacrum, Pelvis

Including lumbar facet joint injection, lumbar medial branch, SI joint, SI joint denervation (posterior sacral network), caudal epidural, piriformis, iliopsoas bursa, IL/IH nerve, genitofemoral nerve, pudendal nerve, lateral femoral cutaneous nerve, US guidance for nerve ablation

James Khan, MD
Yin-Ting Cheng, MD, MAJ(P), MC USA

Upper Extremity Musculoskeletal and Nerve

Including AC joint, glenohumeral joint, subacromial/subdeltoid bursa, biceps tendon, suprascapular nerve, cubital tunnel, carpal tunnel, US guidance for nerve ablation and brachial plexus blocks

Michael L. Kent, MD
Jee Youn Moon, MD

Lower Extremity

Including hip joint, knee joint, trochanteric bursa, saphenous nerve, common peroneal nerve at the fibular head, superficial peroneal nerve, deep peroneal nerve, tibial nerve, sural nerve, US guidance for nerve ablation

Rachael Rzasa Lynn, MD
Narayana Varahabhatla, MD

Ultrasound Guidance for Peripheral Nerve Stimulation

Scott Pritzlaff, MD
Amitabh Gulati, MD

Ultrasound Guidance for Regenerative Medicine

Einar Ottestad, MD
Eugene Roh, MD


8-8:55 am

Rotation 1

8:55-9:50 am

Rotation 2

9:50-10 am


10-10:55 am

Rotation 3

10:55-11:50 am

Rotation 4

11:50 am-Noon


Noon-1:30 pm


1:30-2:25 pm

Rotation 5

2:25-3:10 pm

Rotation 6

3:10-3:15 pm

Q&A and closing remarks