Pain Management Best Practices: Integrative Solutions for Critical Challenges Preconference (PME) Featured

8 am–4:30 pm Wednesday, March 6

Pain Management Best Practices aims to address the most critical challenges currently facing pain medicine, and to address the needs and demands of the growing population of patients suffering from chronic pain to improve this population’s quality of care.

Timely and practical information for pain management will be delivered through didactic lectures, case studies with audience participation and interactive small group discussions. Bring your toughest clinical dilemma and join expert faculty to examine the compelling challenges facing pain medicine practitioners today as well as in the coming decades. Together, faculty and attendees will explore the current evidence, best practices, and emerging therapies in order to develop practical and integrative solutions.

Session topics will include:

  • Not Your Parent’s Stimulator: Making Sense of SCS Algorithms
  • SCS for Low Back Pain and Spinal Stenosis
  • SCS for Limb Pain: CRPS, Neuropathies and Phantom Limb
  • Peripheral Nerve Stimulation
  • Maximizing Success with Neurostimulation: Pre-Op Psych Screen
  • Knee pain: Diagnostic Challenge
  • Knee pain: Intra-articular Steroids vs Viscosupplement vs Radiofrequency Ablation vs Surgery
  • Mental Health Disorder and Effect on Short- and Long-Term Outcomes
  • Regenerative Medicine for Pain: Current Therapies and Future Directions

Afternoon programming will allow learners to rotate through three interactive modules with panels discussing:

  • Care of the Complex Patient
  • Headache Evaluation and Management: Medical and Interventional Approaches
  • Sacroiliac Joint, Hip Joint, and Shoulder Joint - Evaluation, PE, Treatment Options