Timothy R. Deer, MD Center for Pain Relief, Inc.

Dr. Deer is the president and CEO of The Spine and Nerve Centers of the Virginias and the Center for Pain Relief, Inc. He is also a clinical professor of anesthesiology at the West Virginia University School of Medicine. Dr. Deer has been a leader in the field of interventional techniques and neuromodulation for more than two decades. His rich research career has included many pivotal studies to achieve FDA approval, and many “first in man” approved devices. Dr. Deer has provided cadaver based training to over 1000 physicians in novel methods of pain relief without the need for opioids. His work has led to more than 100 peer reviewed publications, several book chapters, and full text books. His text books have included comprehensive guidance on pain, implantable devices, and his current project Deer’s Illustrated Guide to the Treatment of Pain has become a text for many of those doing implantable therapies.