The Pain Psychology Imperative: Increasing Access, Improving Care (319)

4:45–5:45 pm Saturday, March 9

Although Academy members hear much about “pain psychology,” there are many questions regarding how to find them and integrate them into their practices to maximize interdisciplinarity. This symposium will demystify pain psychology, providing attendees with concrete information regarding the benefits that the discipline offers to physicians as well as patients.

Physician Perspectives on the Role and Value of Pain Psychology

W. Michael Hooten, MD

Psychologist Perspectives on the Role and Value of Pain Psychology

Jennifer Murphy

The Ethical Imperative to Train More Pain Psychologists

Michael Schatman, PhD

Learning Objectives:

  • Identify the benefits with which affiliation with pain psychologists can provide their practices.
  • Employ strategies for integrating pain psychologists into their practices.
  • Identify strategies for optimal reimbursement and effective communication tools to increase physician and patient buy-in.