Burnout in Pain Clinicians—Keys to Remaining a State-of-the-Art Practitioner (313)

3:30–4:30 pm Saturday, March 9

Burnout in healthcare professionals, including pain care clinicians, is a growing problem. Equipped with knowledge of burnout facts, participants will learn several strategies for mitigating burnout. Controlling burnout facilitates enhanced clinician wellness, leading to better patient care yielding better patient outcomes, improved patient satisfaction, and enhanced professional well-being and satisfaction.

Burnout in Healthcare Professionals – A Looming Crisis, Especially in Pain Care? What Can We Do About It?

Larry C. Driver, MD

Burnout in Pain Medicine Clinicians: What Do We Know?

Larry C. Driver, MD

Talk Title TBA

Dhanalakshmi Koyyalagunta 

Learning Objectives:

  • Discuss the scope of clinician burnout among healthcare professionals and specifically in pain care clinicians.
  • Outline several practical approaches for mitigating burnout in healthcare professionals.
  • Develop networks of like-minded professionals to prevent clinician burnout from impeding patient access to pain care.