Mobile-Assisted Treatment: Health-Tech Innovations to Enhance Pain Care and Addiction Treatment (408)

9:45–10:45 am Sunday, March 10

Combining Pain Treatment with Community Based Support Enhanced by Wearable Technology in Patients with Dual Diagnosis. Mobile applications hold the promise of improving chronic pain care in patients with dual diagnosis by facilitating access to resources that minimize unnecessary readmission and relapse of substance use.

Taming the Two-Headed Monster: Managing the Patient with Dual Diagnoses of Chronic Pain and Substance Use Disorder

Vitaly Gordin

Connecting the Disconnected: Online Support Networks For Addiction Recovery

Thomas Simpatico

Enhancing Hub & Spoke Medication-Assisted Treatment with Mobile Applications and Biosensors

Eric Dentler

Learning Objectives:

  • Discuss the incidence of chronic pain in patients with SUD.
  • Demonstrate the appropriate approach to pain management in this patient population.
  • Identify emerging community based approaches including wearable technologies that help monitoring these patient and potentially prevent a relapse.