Narayan R. Kissoon, MDMayo Clinic

Narayan R. Kissoon, M.D. is an assistant professor with a dual appointment in Neurology and Anesthesia that is board certified in Neurology, Pain Medicine, and Headache.  His clinical practice primarily involves interventional pain management, but with a special focus in interventional management of craniofacial pain and neuromodulation.

He studies the mechanisms of action and clinical outcomes in treatments for headache and chronic pain. This research includes clinical trials investigating the efficacy of minimally invasive percutaneous interventions and the impact of pain treatments on nervous system function. Dr. Kissoon also investigates the abnormal function and structural causes of pain disorders. As part of his research, he reviews the clinical features that predict successful treatment outcomes.


Focus areas


Dr. Kissoon studies clinical outcomes in minimally invasive percutaneous interventions for the management of headache disorders and cranial neuralgias. He also investigates the clinical features of craniofacial pain in neurological disorders such as multiple sclerosis.

Chronic pain

Kissoon studies the mechanisms of action in spinal cord stimulation for the treatment of chronic pain disorders such as peripheral neuropathy, failed back surgery syndrome and complex regional pain syndrome.

He serves as the topic chair in Pain and Palliative Care for the American Academy of Neurology.  He acts as a reviewer for several peer reviewed publications.  For the American Academy of Pain Medicine, he is contributing to the guidelines on preventive multidisciplinary management of migraine.


Headache for the Pain Practitioner

Rochester, MN