Lisa J. Stearns, MD Center for Pain and Supportive Care

Dr. Stearns, founder and medical director of Center for Pain and Supportive Care, provides innovative, personalized and holistic pain management treatments to improve overall function and quality of life for patients. She is an internationally renowned Interventional Pain Specialist board certified in hospice and palliative medicine and pain management. Her passion for changing the face of chronic pain treatment is evidenced by the active research department at CPSC specializing in both chronic and cancer pain research since 2003. Founder of the Valley Cancer Pain Foundation, a nonprofit organization dedicated solely to cancer pain research, Dr. Stearns raises awareness and educates families, patients and providers on integrating interventional pain treatments. She is also a co-founder and executive committee member of the Cancer Pain Clinical Research Consortium, a group of doctors from across the nation working to find the latest and best treatments for cancer pain. Dr. Stearns has authored numerous articles, actively and frequently speaks at events in her field, continuously imparting her passion for transitioning patients back into life.


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