Thursday, April 26 (3)


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7:00 am–4:45 pm

Interdisciplinary/Multidisciplinary Pain-Based Care (001) Featured

View a recording of this live session when you purchase 2018 Interdisciplinary/Multidisciplinary Pain-Based Care On Demand.

In light of the National Pain Strategy and treatment guidelines supporting a shift towards population-based multidisciplinary care, the role of structured interdisciplinary treatment programs and team-based care has found itself at the frontline of pain management. This preconference will provide a broad stakeholder examination of multi- and inter-disciplinary pain management programs. Participants will be highly engaged throughout the day, rotating through active workshop breakout sessions and participating in didactic lectures and panel discussions that have been designed to incorporate attendee ideas and experiences.

The preconference will open with lectures on the philosophy and benefits of interdisciplinary pain management. Expert faculty will provide guidance on developing treatment teams, available outcomes tools, incorporating opioid reductions into practice, and assessing patients in order to determine appropriate candidates for this type of care. Techniques and treatments that emphasize changes in brain function for the chronic pain patient will be emphasized.

Attendees will then rotate through four small group breakout sessions featuring hands-on training in physical and occupational therapy, pain psychology, pain education, and relaxation training. Experienced interdisciplinary pain team members will serve as breakout faculty to actively simulate interdisciplinary program treatment sessions to attendees.

The program will conclude with an afternoon expert panel discussion so that attendees can review and develop plans for post-interdisciplinary program treatments and continuation of care, coordination and incorporation of additional and alternative treatments/disciplines, and working with insurance companies and payers to present useful information for approvals.

Learning Objectives:

  • Review current state of multi- and inter-disciplinary treatment programs for chronic pain in the federal and commercial payer systems.
  • Recognize recent initiatives by federal agencies and other groups that are promoting a shift in the current focus of pain management to a biopsychosocial self-management based approach.
  • Examine stakeholders' efforts to decrease the current prescription opioid and illicit opioid overdose crisis while improving comprehensive pain management.
5–6 pm

Opening Session and Award Presentation (101) Featured

Plan your trip in time to arrive in Vancouver for the Opening Session on Thursday evening. Kimberly George will present an important talk examining healthcare reimbursement issues from a payer’s perspective.

The Robert G. Addison Award will be presented to Xue-Jun Song, MD PhD.

Stakeholder Collaboration in Moving Pain Management Forward: A Payer’s Perspective

Kimberly George, RN

Kimberly George, SVP at Sedgwick Claims, will examine healthcare reimbursement issues, such as prior authorizations, that are commonly seen as barriers by clinicians. Ms. George will guide meeting attendees through novel payer initiatives including development of top-tiered outcomes-based referral networks and other initiatives to improve patient outcomes and support evidence-based quality care. These collaborative partnerships between payer and clinician can help in the quest to better manage high impact chronic pain in an ever-changing healthcare market.

6–7:30 pm

Welcome Reception

Kick off your meeting by networking with AAPM leadership, fellow attendees, and industry partners in the Resource Center. View scientific posters (Group 1) and meet the authors. Beverages and refreshments will be served. Entry is included with meeting registration.

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