The Headache Toolkit: Treating (and Teaching) Headache for Non-Neurologists (208) Featured

1:30-2:30 pm Friday, February 28

Afraid of treating headache patients? Drs. Schuster, Barad, and Kissoon are headache and pain neurologists on faculty at anesthesiology-based pain fellowships. They will share a simple, methodological approach to headache evaluation and treatment for non-neurologists using mnemonics and other tools available at your fingertips.

Headache Diagnosis Made Simple

Nathaniel Schuster

Acute, Preventive, and Rescue Treatments for Migraine: Grading the Evidence

Meredith Barad

Interventional Treatments for Headache: Evidence and Mechanisms of Action

Narayan Kissoon

Learning Objectives:

  • Recognize and utilize the SNOOP mnemonic as a screening tool for the evaluation of possible secondary headache disorders.
  • Formulate an algorithmic approach to headache diagnosis using ID-Migraine and the Bigal and Lipton Chronic Daily Headache algorithm.
  • Formulate an algorithmic approach to headache treatment using the AAPMF Migraine Guidelines (in development; may instead include resources as able to be presented by Meredith Barad at that time, which may include the AAN/AHS Migraine Prevention Evidence Assessment and the AHS Acute Migraine Evidence Assessment).