Women’s Issues and Gender Bias in Pain Treatment, Research & Policy: An Interactive Multidisciplinary Panel (211)

2:45 PM–3:45 PM Friday, February 28

Join us for an interactive, multidisciplinary panel and rich discussion of issues common to women in the broad field of pain medicine. Learn from senior and junior women as their share their trials, tribulations and successful navigation of challenging issues -- such as gender bias -- and hear their wisdom on how to avoid common pitfalls facing women today. The panel includes a pain physician fellow, a senior clinical pain research professor and psychologist, an NIH basic science program officer, and the director of a pain fellowship program. The session strongly emphasizes audience engagement and participation. The panel composition was selected for panelist diversity in age, career stage, professional discipline, and ethnic/racial group. Come be a part of this special session of women helping women! (Men welcome too.)

NCCIH Basic Science Program Officer

Inna Belfer

Senior Clinical Pain Research Professor

Tonya Palermo

Pain Medicine Fellow

Juliet Gaisey

Pain Fellowship Program Director

ToNhu Vu

Learning Objectives:

  • Discuss 3 challenges women face in the broad fields of pain medicine and research.
  • List 2 strategies that can be applied to mitigate professional gender bias.
  • List 2 resources that can help women address professional gender bias.