Poster Research Highlights #1 (201)

11:00 AM–12:00 PM Friday, February 28

Increasing both the quality and quantity of scientific pain research is a primary goal of the AAPM Annual Meeting. The Scientific Poster Abstract Committee has selected three of the highest ranking, most novel 2020 poster submissions for live presentation in this session.

ECAP-Controlled Closed-Loop SCS: Double-Blind, Randomized Trial for the Treatment of Chronic Pain – 12-Month Outcomes

Shrif Costandi, MD

Sleep Quality Improvements Observed in the Evoke Study of ECAP Measurement and ECAP-Controlled Closed-Loop SCS

Shrif Costandi, MD

Factors related to chronic pain patients' decision to initiate behavioral pain treatment following their pain specialist referral.

Nathaniel Schuster, MD

Learning Objectives:

  • Review 12-month outcomes data for ECAP-controlled, closed-loop SCS.
  • Discuss sleep quality improvements following the Evoke Study of ECAP Measurement.
  • Discuss subpopulations of chronic pain patients.

Robert Bolash


Shrif Costandi

Nathaniel Schuster