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1:30 PM–2:30 PM Friday, February 28

Pain Debate 2020! (207)

Rapid-fire debates about 3 controversial topics in pain medicine:what is the role of regenerative medicine; does radiofrequency ablation work for joints; should we be using peripheral nerve stimulation for back pain prior to spinal cord stimulation.

Regenerative Medicine Should Be Standard of Care

Pro: David Kennedy; Con: Jianguo Cheng

Radiofrequency Ablation of (Hip and Shoulder) Joints is Effective

Pro: Amitabh Gulati; Con: Zirong Zhao

Pro/Con: Spinal Cord Stimulation Is Better Than Peripheral Nerve Stimulation for Back Pain

Pro: Stephanie Neuman; Con: David Provenzano

Learning Objectives:

  • Review key updates on controversial pain medicine topics in order to integrate and decide how to use each therapy in practice: regenerative medicine, radiofrequency ablation of joints, spinal vs peripheral stimulation for back pain.
  • Listen and reflect on each topic, and internalize each discussion.
  • Create excitement and interaction to help improve these sessions and bring up interesting topics for future meetings.
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